Tuesday, October 14, 2008

any chance he gets

Any chance he gets he steals a pen. Not sure why, but he's addicted! The photo in the post below was taken after he successfully grabbed one off the coffee table (while I thought he was with Joe) and proceeded to chew it up to bits. His mouth was blue too. I thought he was going to die of ink poisoning so I furiously googled 'pen eating dogs'. Turns out a lot of dogs eat pens and all have survived. lol.

Cleo has eaten a 5 lb bag of potatoes, insulation, and fishing weights. That was all before I knew her. She had to get her stomach pumped for the fishing weights.

And as of last week, they have now officially both eaten a button from my scrapbooking stash. Cleo thought it was a Skittle, Josko is just a dumbass.

Has your pooch eaten anything crazy?


grover said...

well...pooline (my poochy feline..lol) has not eaten anything non-edible..but he did chew thru two plastic bags (oh and he spit out all the little plastic bits-i had to pick em all up)to get at the bread inside.

i couldn't even get mad-it was too cute. what a bandit.

Nicole said...

sorry, my dog is completely normal.. :D

Julie Duncan said...

LOL......Too funny.My FIL's dog ate his false teeth.

Boo said...


I've never owned a dog so I can't answer your question. They are like kids. Kids will put anything in their mouths.

Laura said...

The dog we had when I was growing up got on the table when no one was looking and ate the batch of homemade perogies my mom was making. Trying to think of anything abnormal our dog no has eaten?