Saturday, July 31, 2010

Staycation - Day 4

I finally go to go berry picking!!
I have been wanting to go for 3 weeks now.

The strawberries were all done which meant
we had to pick raspberries :)

YUMMO my fave!!

Joe doesn't like them much so more for me!
He did think he was the bestest picker ever though.

I didn't do much else except a few errands.

oh ya, I started to watch the movie, The Meerkats,
but I had to stop before one of those cutie babies
got eaten, or killed some other way.
I was literally sitting on the the edge of my seat,
and my heart was racing. Too stressful for me!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Staycation - Day 3

Spent a few hours with this little doll!
and her brothers...but once again, they were being camera shy.

She likes to wear the flower on top of her head. lol

She really is the cutest thing ever!
and I love that she loves me :)
Her hair is gorgeous...I wish I got a good photo of it.

Staycation - Day 2

Went to the Forks!

Managaed to bribe Joe into going with the the promise of
some (very greasy) fish n'chips.

Then we wandered around the Antique Market.
Something that we both enjoy doing. Imagine that!! lol

Stopped at a new thrift store on the way home. No treasures found.

Snapped this photo of a dragonfly taking a break on the house.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Staycation - Day 1

Highlight of today was ice cream from Sub Zero!
I indulged in a Raspberry Truffle Parfait.
Joe kept it simple.

Mission 022 at Mission Create went up yesterday.
Here is my take. Loooooved the combo of concepts!
Photo is from my bday :)

other stuff:
The beagle was good today!

I'm waiting on Joe to bring me home a slurpee.
(yes, I already had an ice cream today, but seriously
it's 9pm and still 29C outside and 28 inside my house)

I hope to go berry picking and thrifting tomorrow.

Yay for holidays!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

sooooo much to catch up on

It's been awhile, but I am back!

2 weeks ago was my bday...
had soooo much fun (I'll show you pics later).

Then the next day I got some terrible news which really affected me.
Lost all mojo and interest in doing anything but napping.

Now, mojo is back!!
Good news is that I am on holidays and have time to catch up on blog-land.

First up...the bad beagle award.
Not the first time he sported blue toes either.
Stole a pen while I was in the shower.

From last Sunday....Mission to Create Card #021

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Twisted Missions

some cards to share...

Mission to Create Card #020 went up today.
Here is what I came up with.

went up yesterday.
The twist was gold.
I don't have very much gold anything,
but Nicole gave me some paper and it worked out perfect!

I made this for a friend to give to her son's busdriver.
So simple but so cute, I think!

and now a request...


These clips are by Making Memories. I need them for a project that I'm helping a friend with. I have searched every store, googled, ebayed, etsyed. I can not find them anywhere!

Maybe someone has a pack or 2 at home that they want to sell? Or maybe you know where I can find them.