Saturday, February 7, 2009

This afternoon

This is my sweet friend Jocie and the newest little member of her family, Jadie. Nicole, Vanessa and I went today to meet Jadie for the first time. She is even more precious in real life than in the photos we have seen!

Jocie lives just a few minutes away from me but (funny how this goes) we met online. She is one of the good ones. Genuine, and trustworthy. A true friend, a super artist, and a fabulous mom of 3 beauties! This tiny one made me almost want to have one of my own. I said almost. Would a brand new puppy qualify me for mat. leave?


Julie Duncan said...

Well you know that I think you should have one of your own.

Gosh! Look at the chubs on her. I bet she smells so sweet,and I want to just squeeze her.Babies do strange things to me ya know?.....LOL

Jocie said... know that Im still very hormonal right Deb??? Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate you coming over today and thank you for the gorgeous outfits for Jadie!

Oh and think you should have one of your own'd make an amazing mother!

Jocelyne said...

You know Deb.... I think you should have one of your own too cause I don't think a dog with get you maternity leave. lol It's always nice to know who is trustworthy and genuine. I just love the cute cheeks on babies and this one doesn't look like it's an exception. lol

Boo said...

Awwwwe she's so precious! You are lucky to live close by and be able to visit with Jocie! I can only send cyber hugs.