Sunday, April 26, 2009

Birds Hill Park

We took the dogs to Birds Hill Park today. They had so much fun!! Josko has never been to the 'woods' before. I think he was overwhelmed by all of the new smells. We let them go off leash in the giant clearing. Usually this is where we would see a lot of deer, but they must of heard us coming. Here are some photos. Love the one of Josko mid-run with crazy ears. And really, could Cleo be any happier?


Julie said...

LOL......I love the crazy ears too! You so need to scrap that one. I'm sure you can come up with a great title.

grover said...

lol--they are so adorable!!!
that is a great shot of you too :-)

Boo said...

Oh I love the ears too! He's cute. It must have been fun to watch them run around! Great photos!

Laura said...

these are great that second last one! You look fabulous!