Wednesday, May 20, 2009

white rice

Do you ever crave plain white rice after you watch Survivor? I do. I ate a big bowl after Sunday's finale. lol.

Soooooooooo happy JT won!!


grover said...

I should not have read this post!!

Julie said...

I love white rice with a little butter and salt.

This card is awesome Deb.You really need to start submitting your cards if you haven't already.

I was most pleased with who won Survivor too!

Nicole said...

White rice is good..... yumm..

and so is that sweet card!!!

Boo said...

Only if it's basmati rice.

Gorgeous card Deb!!!

Jocie said...

I would say this is my FAV card of yours...wait, dont I always say that :) I love happy he won!!

Rosa said...

Fabulous card. Love the use of the owl and felt!

Laura said...

Deb, I too think this is my fav card's!
I don't watch Survivior but I do like plain white rice now and!