Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Limited Edition

I think this is the last layout that I did. And it was a long time ago. I just love this monster that Noah drew and immediately knew I wanted to put it on a page. Better in an album than shoved in a pile somewhere. Of course I had this OA paper just waiting to be used.

I'm on holidays this week and next. Trying to see a few friends that I haven't in awhile, and hopefully get more than a few pages scrapped.

We took the dogs to the beach on Saturday. Anyone want to see pics?


Vanessa said...

I would like to see pics :-)
Cute page..and ITA..better to have it in album :-)


Julie said...

Well of course I want to see pics.Love your layout.Great monster drawing.

Nicole said...

that is so sweet!! great page!! now, where are these pics!!

Rosa said...

Hope you are having a fabulous and rain-free vacation!