Monday, September 20, 2010



the Salsa Burger from Boon Burger:
Canada's first all vegetarian burger cafe!!

This place is my dream. They have so many burger choices.
And I can eat everything on the menu!
The fries are divine too...oven baked and topped
with sesame seeds.

Too bad most of my friends don't want to join me :(


Julie said...

So is there one of these in your area Deb? I guess I would be willing to try one if it meant eating lunch with you.

Vanessa said...

What does the burger taste like?

Deborah said...

oh Julie...I knew you would do it for me!! It is in Winnipeg...not near my house though. is very flavourful!! doesn't taste or have the same texture as a meat burger, but I wouldn't want it to. You have to try it!! There are a lot of different choices. Just don't expect it to taste like a hamburger and you will enjoy it :)

Jocie said...

ummm hello!! I would so try it with you!!!!