Sunday, December 12, 2010

birthdays, missions, and twisted sketches!


Mission 032 at Mission to Create went up.
Love the combination of concepts on this!!

Check it out. We have a fabulous guest designer for this mission,
as well as a super cool sponser for December!


We celebrated this little guy's 6th birthday! Not so little anymore :( He would only pose for photo's along side of Uncle Joe. And....he's missing his 2 front teeth!! Just in time for Christmas.

Someone else who is quite smitten with Uncle Joe. Seriously, this relationship is the cutest thing ever!

A while ago:


Jocie said...

hmmmm it looks like 'Uncle Joe'is good with the kids....maybe he needs one of his own? LOL
I love that holiday card...can I have it? :) JK

Julie said...

Well I guess Jocie said what I was thinking about looks real comfortable with them.

Love your layouts and cards