Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some stuff to share

Twisted Sketch 040
see the sketch here. The twist was HOPE.
This one came together is about 10 minutes!! A record for me.

This weeks Mission at Mission to Create
Some cool concepts to work with.

Check out our newest sponser here.

And I never did share this card from Mission 032

As if I don't have enough to work on in 2011, I think I need to work on my blog too.
More frequent blogging!
I want to share some photos of my newest making :)


Julie said...

Great cards and layout.I can't wait to see your jewelry.

Vanessa said...

i love that photo of pretty!!!

Jocie said...

Yes, that pic of you is sooo pretty!!! I'm excited to see more jewelry :)

Laura said...

love your layout and cards Deb...that pic of you is awesome!
I would love to see your jewelry!!