Tuesday, July 1, 2008

he no lika the sprinkler

Josko loves water. Or so we thought. When he looked like this today, we thought we would cool him off in the sprinkler. He wouldn't go near it, so we brought it to him.
Then he hid under the stairs. Sorry bud, we were just trying to help.


redmom said...

Awe poor puppy, why are you torturing him?! LOL Beagles do not like the water.

Boo said...

Awwwwwe poor little guy! He looks so sad in the second picture! :o(

Can't wait to see the LO you do with these photos!!

Laura said...

awe...you big meanie...lol!
i thought I would try to cool my dog off too and he didn't like the water either!

Julie Duncan said...

LOL....Cruelty to animals.....Deb, I'm shocked.

grover said...

lol...deb..i bet you were gigglin' away as you sprinkled him...weren't YOU!!!