Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nicole showed me the goodness of macro. I love it!!! (yup, I'm still learning about my camera). I love the colours and textures in this shot. Actually, I love, love, love this layout! Tomorrow I am going to post a little challenge based on this layout at Love is in the Details.

Here is another recent fave of mine. My poor little Josko was eating whose knows what in the grass and felt a little ill. He was so pathetic looking that I had to snap a picture.

omg. I have no idea why it is sideways. I've tried to change it, but remember I'm a dumbass when it comes to this blog. Can someone help me fix it please??


Julie Duncan said...

LOL! love your shock and disbelief at your sideways picture. I so know,how confusing this whole blog business is.

I love both your layouts and can't wait to see your challenge.

You have inspired me to use my macro too.

Boo said...

Love your LOs!!! No idea why that happens. I have one LO that keeps turning to the side and I have no idea why..??...... I'm a dumbass too. LOL